San Francisco Giants outfielder Alex Dickerson was nearly brought to tears Sunday as he explained a stressful weekend in which he was initially told he tested positive for COVID-19, only to be told days later that it was a false positive.

Games on Friday and Saturday between the Giants and the San Diego Padres at San Diego were postponed because of Dickerson's original positive test, with a doubleheader scheduled for Sunday to make up one of the games. But that was far from what stressed Dickerson, a native of the San Diego area.

Dickerson's wife is pregnant and about to give birth to the couple's son, creating the greatest area of concern. In fact, the couple was staying together in the team's hotel this weekend before they were forced to change plans. Complicating things further is that Dickerson's wife has been on bed rest at this stage of the pregnancy.

Not only was Dickerson's positive test leaked by the media, there were reports the 30-year-old player in his fourth major league season broke team protocol to visit either friends or family in San Diego, which he denied.

"I do want to bring to light the fact that false reporting did happen in my situation that had extremely negative effects on me and my family," Dickerson told reporters Sunday. "A report from USA Today saying that 'the player who remains unidentified told several members of the Giants traveling party that he believed he was possibly infected by a family member or friend in San Diego.' That is completely false."

Dickerson said his wife had to be taken for a test of her own. He was tested multiple times after testing positive. All of the tests outside of the positive came back negative.

Yet Dickerson still does not know if he will be able to be at his wife's side for their child's birth. He doesn't know if COVID-19 protocols will prevent his presence in the delivery room.

"When you're dealing with pregnancy and COVID-19, it is not a good thing to make the assumption that I came in and went and broke protocol and saw family and friends when I'm only permitted to see my wife and she is the only person I saw, and she has been quarantining and on bed rest," Dickerson said. "It caused a lot of problems, a lot of hate to come towards you and it was kind of unwarranted."

--Field Level Media

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